Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of International trade is rather simple and it doesn’t require you to bang your heads on the wall for better understanding. Even then, we fan certain generally asked questions to bring forth clarity. This forum will help us to solve your questionable state if mind and resolve dilemmas if any.

What do you mean when termed as international dealings?

The Simple fact that there is a demand and reciprocal supply of goods or products be it Indian or international origins in various markets of the globe. We take note of that in our various surveys and try to cater to the specific requirements that arise everywhere.

Who are the Clients at other markets?

For this , you need to understand that just like in our country, there are various dealers and traders with likewise mindset and needs in different countries. Also, there are customers who have major personal needs. We try and maintain a continued relation with them. That is how we grow Client base.

How do the transactions take place?

According to the guidelines of the DGFT (link), every Exporter/Importer follows them and the way of working is uniform throughout the world. Yea, there is a huge amount of paperwork but that also acts as security and the basic terms of conditions of trade.

Who takes responsibility at an event of damaged goods?

There are various terms of handling responsibility between two parties involved (For Ex. Consigner, consignee, supplier etc.). If we are at fault, we take responsibility and bear losses.

How are the goods transported?

We deal in all kinds i.e. Air Cargo, Sea shipment, Intra-modal transport to facilitate better connectivity and faster results. There is a huge networking of Supply Chain Management companies.

Is transparency present in every country?

Every country has its own set of rules and stipulations. Even then, yes there is transparency and authencity in most regions. Certain countries follow different rules under monarchy or militaristic government ideologies but are genuine as well.